Public Education

One week after the 2009 Potomac Specialty, seven PSTC club members - Michael Pesare, Maida Connor, Josh Actor, Shalini Ahuja, Kate Kozeliski and Kathy Denton gave a presentation on the breed at the Brethren Home Cross Keys Retirement Community in Pennsylvania. The session was held in a large, attractive community center on the grounds of the retirement village. Members of the community itself were invited and an invitation was also extended to the local community. 120 people attended the presentation.

PSTC President Michael Pesare and his wife, Maida Connor opened the presentation with a slide presentation on the breed - its origins, historym notable Skyes and Skye people and how the breed is faring today. This was followed by showing a video clip of one Skye Terrier's participation in a nationally televised dog show. The presentation then shifted to a brief overview of the grooming that is required to get a Skye ready for the show ring. This was followed by a mock dog show where six Skye Terriers competed. The goal of this portion of the presentation was to give the audience a sense of what the judge is evaluating when they see the shows on TV. Michael Pesare served as the judge and provided commentary on the judging process throughout this segment. The presentation concluded with an opportunity for the attendees to meet the Skye Terriers.